About Us

Hey! Welcome to our blog, we're avid smart home enthusiasts and we started this blog to help educate visitors on particular smart home products.

We first got into smart home products when we needed a security monitoring system for our new home. We decided a normal alarm was expensive and restrictive and with both occupants at work we wouldn't know if it went off.

After a lot of research we settled on Samsung SmartThings generation 2 due to its compatibility with multiple products. This allowed us to monitor our home from work and trigger certain things such as a light turning on when we arrived home. Due to my partner suffering from poor vision this became extremely helpful.

The more things I read about, the more things I wanted to test and I got the bug. It's not been the smoothest of rides as even to this day there have been a few blips.

As some configurations are advanced and some people are looking to grow their confidence when using these products. We have decided to put together this blog and help out.

Our Story

If we've not yet reviewed or discovered your products, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can email us at hello@makeasmarterhome.com.

We may require your products to test and review.