Business automation – how to make your office more intelligent

Automation solutions are not only useful for you home, they can also be installed at your business. This can help benefit your organisation in many ways including security, employee monitoring and energy saving. This article looks at the benefits of business automation.

Smart Security

Business owners who occupy a premises often have to leave it unattended during the night and possibly all weekend. This leaves the potential for unwanted guests who could cause disruption to your work place.

By automating your business, you can monitor your office from home and make sure it’s secure.

With smart cameras you can check on a live feeds to your office to make sure it is running as it should.

Automation solutions often come with security states which can be set and alerts triggered based on sensor activation.

With connected speakers (which can be used as normal speakers when employees are around) you can set off alarms to ward off potential criminals. This could be playing the sound of employees working or loud or annoying noises.

Smart Employee Monitoring

Employees can often be late or sometimes not available to work, using presence sensors (or smart phones acting as presence sensors). You can keep track of your employee’s arrival and leaving times, showing their work patterns. This is especially handy if your employees work using flexie time and you wish to keep an eye on them.

By using recipe makers such as IFTTT you can even log presence sensor data to a spreadsheet ready for annual reviews or time sheets. You could do this by using your compatible presence sensor and connecting it to google drive as shown in the image below.

ifttt presence monitoring

Smart Energy Saving

Employees might not have the same consideration for energy saving and therefore have a greater impact on costs. By using business automation you could shut down lights and plug sockets when there is no presence in the office. Therefore it could provide a great cost saving benefit to your business. Plus you’d be going a long way to reduce your impact on the environment and saving the planet.

With an increasing amount of smart products becoming available, business automation will be soon become part of our daily lives. Helping business owners become more productive and reduce costs. Creating a more intelligent office.

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