Connecting the WeMo Insight Switch to Samsung Smart Things

I decided to test out other products that are compatible with SmartThings to see how well they performed. In this blog I take a look at the WeMo Insight Switch and how to connect it to Samsung SmartThings.

On unboxing the plug, I noticed it was quite large and lighter than I expected. Included was also a simple set of instructions to help get me started.

Connecting to WeMo App

Before connecting the WeMo insight switch to SmartThings we first need to register the plug with the WeMo app. To do this we need to download it and open up the app. It will prompt us to ‘get started’ and we then need to choose our first device. In this case it’s a smart plug, by clicking this option it will open up a step by step guide.

First we need to visit your mobile settings and change your Wi-Fi network to the WeMo network. Switching back to the app it should pick up your switch where you can rename it. The next step involves selecting your home Wi-Fi network and entering your password. Once connected the switch is ready to be used via the WeMo app.

Connecting to SmartThings

Once connected to the WeMo app, it’s easily added to SmartThings. On the app if you go to my home > Things > + > Add Thing > Outlets and Dimmers > Belkin WeMo Switch UK > Connect Now. The app will start searching for the device, which may take a few moments. Once discovered it should say 1 found, then you click on it and then tick the device on the following screen. After pressing done, it should show a green message at the top saying it is installed and automating.

Video Guide

Check out our video guide below:


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