What is Flic and how can I integrate it with my smart home?

Flic is a small programmable button you can place within your home, it allows you to perform activities relating to smart products or your smart phone. It removes the need to constantly get your phone out (it’s like having a short cut button to options within your apps).

These sleek little buttons can help you perform various tasks with three types of button press (one click, double click or press and hold).

It directly integrates with home automation products such as LIFX lights, Sonos speakers, Wemo products and Philips Hue. However it also can control recipes on IFTTT (an online home automation recipe maker) which you can link to many different home automation products.

Flic ideas

The following are ideas which you can create using a flic.

Panic button

You could hide a flic behind a bedside table or in other areas of your house, if you are in any kind of danger a simple press of a button could perform certain activities. These could include setting off distress alarms, sending text messages or sharing your location.

Setting the mood

Getting ready for a family film night could be simple, one click of a flic and your lights could dim, side lamps could be turned on and your electric fireplace could be fired up. Great for setting the mood for that cosy night in.

Shut everything off

Going to bed or leaving the house in most cases requires most things to be switched off. Having a button via your front door or in your bedroom can help make sure everything is switched off easily when needed.

Order your favourite Pizza

By storing your card details and favourite pizza via the dominos app, you can use flic speed up the delivery process. By simply pressing the button your order can be placed and a pizza could be delivered to your door.

Flic buttons are a great way to control your smart devices without having to constantly bring out your phone and get to the relevant app. With the rise in smart appliances these little buttons could soon become part of your day to day lives.

With a range of colours to identify which button does what, flic is a great way to make your home smarter.

The company based in Sweden will ship directly to the UK, follow this link to add flic buttons to your home.

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