How to make a spooky smart home this Halloween

For those of us that get into the Halloween spirit each year, or those people looking to turn the tables on trick or treaters. This blog looks at ways to make a spooky smart home this Halloween. Just don’t forget to deactivate or you may end up scaring yourself!

What you need

  • LIFX Bulbs
  • Sonus Speakers (or alternatives)
  • Motion sensors or door sensors (connected to hub)


No home would be spooky without setting up flickering lighting. Using LIFX bulbs we can turn them on and use the preinstalled ‘spooky’ effect. This sets the lights to flicker in a spooky fashion making your house creepy for potential visitors.


Download some spooky sounds online like creaky doors, whaling or loud clatters. Connect them to your Sonos speakers to allow you to play them when unsuspecting visitors arrive. Get creative, you could have different sounds playing in different rooms! Differentiating volume levels can help echo sounds around the house.


Using your home automation system (such as Samsung SmartThings) you can connect your lighting and speakers to motion sensors or door sensors. This means that when particular doors open such as the front door, your spooky actions kick into gear. Great for when trick or treaters knock on your door.

Get creative

Using various other devices such as smart plugs, door bells and outdoor lighting you can let your creative juices flow. You could have devices come on without touching them such as the hoover or hair dryer, something that wouldn’t be too obvious.

Outdoor lights could help set the scene when visitors are walking up to the house, turning them off or changing colour, might be enough to put people off.

Adding your smart tech to your Halloween decorations can help you through an ultimate scary party, our create the scariest house in your neighborhood.

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