What is SmartTiles for Samsung SmartThings?

SmartTiles is a third party web client developed for Samsung SmartThings. It allows you to display and control your chosen SmartThings devices on one sleek dashboard.

With a range of customisable options allowing you to get the best out of each smart device, you can view your devices in tiled format. Using your desktop PC or tablet, you can easily remain in control of your smart home.

What can I use it for?

The web client allows you to check certain instances such as temperatures, turn on/off devices, monitor battery levels, check for presence, control audio and set thermostat levels.

By wall mounting a tablet you can create a center point for controlling your home automation.

How does it work?

After adding all your SmartThings devices and settings, a link will be created where you can visit the SmartTile platform on your computer or tablet.

How to set it up

To install SmartTiles visit the installation page and follow the instructions to connect your hub. Once installed successfully you should be able to login to your SmartThings app, and find SmartTiles under your SmartApps.

To get to your SmartApps, click the menu item in the top right corner of the app (three lines) and choose from the items.

You have the ability to set 5 different dashboards, so you can give different views for multiple users. For example if you have children you may want to give them restricted access to control things in their own room.

Click on the dashboard number 1 to set up your first one. Add a name to your dashboard by clicking on the label field and typing a name.

Your next step is to add all your devices to the dashboard by clicking on the field called things. Sometimes things can be classified under multiple options such as lights and switches, however you can remove things from your dashboard at a later date.

smarttiles 1-2

After selecting all your things you can go to View Dashboard & URL and then select get launcher URL to generate your unqiue URL. Once you have this you can use it to view and control your dashboard from any browser.

smarttiles 3-4

Final Thoughts

It’s great to have SmartTiles via a tablet mounted on the wall, this saves you having to get your phone out every time you wish to check on things. It’s free to use and easy to set up which makes it a fantastic addition to your SmartThings setup.

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