The top 5 benefits of home automation

With the future gearing towards home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT), we examine the key benefits of adopting a solution.


One of the major plus points of home automation is the ability to increase security at your premises. With notifications pushed through to your smart phone, you can now see what’s happening in your house. If a sensor is triggered when your system is armed, you can quickly check in to see what’s happening.

You can use smart cameras to check a live feed or monitor other sensors such as door sensors to see further activity.

By being able to turn lights on or off when you need to, you could potentially warn off burglars by giving off the impression someone is home. This is great if you are away on holiday and your house is being left empty for a while.


Leaving devices on when you leave the house could be fatal, by getting certain electrical equipment to turn off automatically. You could greatly reduce the risks of having fire related damage.

Another safety benefit is the ability to track the presence of family members in the home. If you are worried about loved ones getting back safely from school or late nights out, you can check to see if they are present. With push notifications sent to your smart phone, you can see if family members have arrived safe and sound.

Save money

With a house responding to what you do, inactive rooms can switch off lights. Empty houses can also respond and turn off appliances and heating. This all contributes to saving you money and improving the environment.

With most smart based lighting using LED bulbs, your energy costs from lighting could be reduced by up to 90%. The cost of savings alone could cover the cost of your new smart bulbs.


Being in control of your home and automating tasks as much as possible, can help save you time. With a self-setting alarm and powering down the use of lighting or appliances, you can eliminate those last minute dashes around the house.

At the end of the day when getting into bed, you can set a routine to switch off all inactive lights and appliances. Giving you peace of mind and saving you from getting up on those cold nights.

Helping people with disabilities

People who are immobile or unsteady on their feet can often struggle with the simplest of tasks. Even people with poor vision, can struggle to find switches. Smart homes can help make it easier for people to turn on lights or check disturbances in other rooms without the need to get up.

With a lot of tech companies making IoT at the forefront of their innovation, these benefits can only increase, saving you time, money and making you more secure.

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